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I put my

Energy, my Experience

(Strategy, Management, Business, HR, Marketing, Communication, Information System) and my Expertises at your service so that the Plan that we will decide and set up together allows us to work concretely to achieving your goals, to significantly increase your performance.

Plans EN - Andre Dan 2019
1. Networking for free, or cheap

Mutual aid, and more if needed...

  • My LinkedIn and Twitter contacts are accessible. Likes and Comments on messages…
  • I can introduce you to a Contact, when I think it is relevant, within my professional or personal communities.
  • You can participate in my Events.
  • And if necessary, I coach you or e-coach in firefighter mode, or regular…
2. I become Share holder of your Company

Mutual commitment!

  • My interest: to have a great adventure, with you and your team!
  • I become, by official contract, share holder of your Company.
  • In the contract, we define the conditions of intervention of the two parties.
  • This gives you access to my services with a privileged price, to decide together each year according to your needs…
3. Annual fee

If you want to succeed in the long time...

  • We think together to personalize the professional support you need.
  • According to the formula, this gives you access to the agreed (online or offline) services and when you wish: email, whatsapp…
  • Billing for one year, at the agreed rate.
  • STOP or AGAIN every year (with 3 months notice).
4. I do it for you

Outsource to Pros!

  • I have providers in the world, either high quality or small hands.
  • You have decided to outsource to Pros, not to spend time on anything other than your core business.
  • Price to think about and decide together, for a year.
  • STOP or AGAIN every year (with 3 months notice).