Do you want to earn Euros from the people in your network?
And do them a favor by putting them in touch with me?

I have a strong and ongoing system in place to express my appreciation for connecting you with the right person at the right time.

I'll give you 20% of my margin!

You’re probably familiar with the saying “there is strength in numbers”.

As you know, it’s part of my DNA.

Do you have in mind a company that wants to help its leaders and teams grow on my topics related to Leadership (Influence, Communication, Networking, LinkedIn, etc.)?

I have a lot to offer him!

Do you have in mind a person who wants to significantly improve their leadership to achieve their management, communication, business or career objectives?

I can coach her!

I offer to pay you if, thanks to your contact described in the short form, these contacts turn into new customers.

And it seems normal to me to give you 20% of my margin!

You send me an email on copying the other person.

Obviously, at each important step, I will inform you of the continuation…

Je dis MERCI dans tous les cas

I say THANK YOU in any case!
even if the deal doesn’t get done…