Training via e-Coaching 2 x 2 hours

I’ve created this special training to help you jump into the skills which help Professionnals to succeed in their Mission today, and prepare themselves for tomorrow.

This is what I call Digital Soft Skills, programme in 4 modules: My Mission, My Networking, My LinkedIn, My Influence. It is essential!

Since 2001: I have trained and coached + de 24.000 Professionnals on les Digital Soft Skills, and inspired in conferences and events + de 200.000 : Trade fairs, Enterprises, Chambers of Commerce, Universities, and Associations…

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Paris Story (Opéra)

11 bis, rue Scribe, 75009 Paris

Salle privatisée de 120 places, avec Internet et Ecran panoramique de 12 mètres.

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