André Dan is both French and Israeli. He lives in Paris, France.

André Dan is passionate about 3 domains that he shares with enthusiasm: Soft Skills (since 1975), Digital (since 1980) and Innovation (since 2001).

André Dan has been first trained as aexpert Soft Skills since he was a teenager as a scout 1975-78 (with many experiences as a camp monitor), psychosociology at university 1978-80, and soft skills best practices for business and charity organizations.

He became a Digital expert, originally as a Software Engineer (Supinfo Paris, 1983 + since 1986, he is president of honor of the alumni association + in 2002-2007, he was a Teacher in Digital Enterprise Strategy).

He improved all his skills, from Communication to Strategy and Management, when he did an Executive MBA (HEC Paris, 1994 + since 2002, he has been at HEC EMBA & MBA a Teacher in Networking and LinkedIn + since 2012, he is a member of the Board of Directors of the HEC Alumni Corporate Strategy Club).

He has worked in the 20th century as an International Business Manager in the Enterprise Software industry, for American (Oracle, Sales + NetDynamics, MD Southern Europe), European (Philips, Sales + W4, CEO), and Israeli (Magic, Corporate Marketing) companies.

Since 2002, he has disseminated Best Practices in all dimensions relevant to People and Organizations. His goals are to develop their productivity and their competitiveness.

André Dan is currently an international Speaker and Coach: passionate, compelling, and energizing. He works in French and in English.

André Dan is an international pioneer, and recognized expert of LinkedIn and Twitter social networking tools.

In addition, he created in 2018 the concept of Digital Soft Skills (video).

Participants (even with a very large audience) appreciate his personalized approach, his ability to adapt to the public, and his enthusiasm for showing advanced practices to the participants for helping them in their professional and personal life.

In his Conferences and Workshops in the 21st century with more than 150,000 participants, and in (e-)Coaching, André Dan paved the way for significant progress for all generations.