Association: to engage!
André Dan, International Expert of Associations

I like Associations! Foundations, NGOs, Trade Unions, Clubs, Networks, Communities…

Because, whether for
professional, social, political or humanitarian reasons, they are places of commitment, meetings, networks, projects, influence…
I am convinced that associations are human communities that enrich our society!

I accompany you to succeed your Mission in the service of your Association

  • Positioning: Vision, Mission, Members’ Profile
  • Development Strategy: How to Acquire and Retain Members?
  • Development budget: Who contributes to the budget, how much and how? Partnership Programs
  • International?
  • Organization of the management of the association
  • Member Relations & Activities Program
  • Communication Strategy
  • Community Management: Networking, LinkedIn, Twitter
  • Brainstorming to involve members and have new ideas…
  • Event
  • Organization, Budget Management, Invitation
  • Recruitment of participants
  • Jury, Speakers…
  • Moderation: MC, different formats

Tell me openly what you want.